5 Fall Sports That Allow You to Take the Time to Stop and Smell the Mums

The air is about to turn crisp, and the leaves turn various shades of yellow and orange, making this the perfect time to get outdoors and enjoy the clean, chilled air. Make these ventures family events, and everyone gets the health benefit as well as the chance to spend some quality time together. If you are not sure what types of sports encourage whole family participation in the Fall, check out any one of these:

  • Golf: Many people associate golf with spring and summer, but fall is actually the best time of year to pull your nines out of the trunk. The sun is not as bright, and the green not as slick from spring and summer showers. Plenty of golf courses offer on site training, where you and the kids can get a pros help in learning the basics of golf in a lovely fall setting.
  • Archery: This may seem like a dangerous sport to let kids in on, but with the right training anyone can safely learn how to shoot a recurve bow and beginner arrows. Archery is all the rage now, and you can easily find a nice range that welcomes family archers. The bonus is that these are often set in the woods, where you and the kids can enjoy the change in season up close and personal.
  • Softball: Professional baseball playoffs may be kicking off, but softball leagues all over the country have felt the benefit of a quick Fall season. You could get lucky and find a family league that encourages players of all shapes and ages, or sign up the kids and volunteer as a coach.
  • Tennis: Families of four will enjoy playing doubles against each other without having to break a sweat in the fall. Not only is tennis great for building eye-hand coordination, it is an active sport that helps keep you all healthy. Your local community college may have outdoor courts available for public play in the afternoons, or you could check with the local park service to find out where you can all get some love.
  • Walking: This may not seem much like a sport, but it is great exercise and a way to get everyone outside. Pick different locations every week, and make it fun for young ones by having them scavenger hunt for different colored leaves. What makes a weekly walk even better is that you can feel free to bring the family dog along.


Take advantage of the change in season to get out of the summer heat rut and bask in the clean air that fall blows in. This is a perfect time to make quality time with the family a priority as we get ready to head into the holiday season.

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6 Ways a Portable Infrared Sauna is Detoxing Your Body

Thanks to our abuse of the planet, our bodies are being filled with harmful toxins at an alarming rate. These come from the water we drink, food we eat, and even the air that we breathe. Taking steps towards a more natural lifestyle is one way to counter attack this attack on our cells, but with the growing number of toxins around us, it is impossible to avoid them all.


A portable infrared sauna provides a safe way to get rid of those toxins in our body before they start negatively impacting our health.

  • Improved Circulation – the heat generated within the body from an infrared sauna improves on your circulation. With that comes an improvement in cell repair processes as they are now being infused with more oxygen at a greater rate. This allows for cells that have been damaged by toxins to remedy themselves.
  • Heavy Metals Expulsion – Heavy metals are extremely dangerous to your health, and difficult to remove from the body. The deep sweat benefits that you get from an infrared sauna draws heavy metals out from the deepest cores of your body and sends them to the surface in your sweat.
  • Turns of the Parasympathetic Nervous System – When you switch over to this system, your body enters a state of natural rest where it is able to focus its efforts on repairing damaged cells and rejuvenating your health.
  • Raises Your Core Body Temperature – Like a shock to the system, your core temperature is raised by at least two degrees inside of a portable infrared sauna, slowing the rate of growth of unhealthy cells that can turn to cancerous ones. Cancer cells react poorly to high heat, making the infrared sauna environment very uncomfortable for them.
  • Helps Maintain the Thyroid – Over time, regular use of an infrared sauna will support a healthy thyroid. This is important in warding off any number of diseases that result from toxins being allowed to use your body as a host.
  • Gets Rid of Cellulite – Cellulite is more to do with toxins, and less to do with fat, which is why it shows up on such a variety of people with different body types. By getting into your portable infrared sauna daily, you can reduce cellulite and restore skin health.

With so many benefits for your health, it is no wonder that the portable infrared sauna has grown in popularity so quickly. Try one out and find that not only is it a relaxing way to spend 45 minutes of your time, you will actually feel better all the way to your core for doing so.

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Tips For Starting Your Own Organic Garden

You already know that organic foods can be a bit more expensive than their non-organic counterparts, making it difficult on the budget minded family to stay on track. But if you don’t mind a little time out in the garden, you can easily grow your own for a fraction of the cost by following these steps:

Start by Finding a Sunny Spot in Your Yard

Healthy fruits and veggies need plenty of sunshine to grow, and you are going to need to find a flat spot in your yard to accommodate that. Watch how the sun moves across your lawn from dusk until dawn, and then choose a lot where the sun shines the longest.

Secure Your Garden Area

Once you have your spot picked out, you are going to want to make sure that it is protected from your family pet. Dogs love to dig, and will have no remorse after digging up your beautiful organic tomato plants. Dig a trench around its perimeter that is no more then a foot deep, and then install one of the best dog fences you can find (quality matters here). Non-wired perimeter fences work just as well at keeping dogs out as they do with keeping dogs in.

Prepare the Soil

Now that your garden area is good to go, you can begin turning the soil to create a healthy base for the plants to grow in. If you mix it with organic compost, grass clippings and leaves, you will be offering your plants a variety of nutrients. Some gardeners will even use an organic manure, but that will depend on your own personal preference.

Choose Your Plants

If you intend to start your garden from seedlings, you will want to make sure that they began their life organically. It is just as easy to begin with seeds though, taking care to choose those that are known to thrive in your climate. The USDA has an updated hardiness zone list which can help you in choosing the right plants to grow based on where you live.


The Best Vegetables to Choose From

The following organic plants typically give vegetables well past the growing season and are relatively easy to grow and maintain:

  • Indeterminate tomatoes. These will continue to produce until the first frost.
  • Old fashioned pole beans. So long as you continually pick ripe beans, new ones will appear until the first frost.
  • Zucchini is like the bunny rabbits of a vegetable garden. Once they start growing there is no stopping them.
  • Swiss Chard. If you are able to pick off the outer leaves and keep the plants water, your vegetable will continue to grow and remain tender.
  • Sugar snap peas. An organic garden staple thanks to their ease in growing and delicious taste.

With the right amount of work and a bit of patience, you can bless your dinner table with a bounty of organic vegetables that did not cost you double then normal. Get started on your garden this Spring, and you are going to be reaping the rewards by mid summer.

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7 of the Best Essential Oils for Relieving Stress

Aromatherapy has been increasing in popularity steadily over the last decade, with people finding more benefits to their use every day. One of the most commonly treated ailments is stress, which can lead to anxiety and depression if not treated. If you are under an undue amount of pressure that is affecting your every day life, then you might want to consider adding one of these essential oils to your list of things to buy.

If you are serious about using essential oils to relieve stress, you will need to find ways to disperse the scent. At home you can use a large one (essential oil diffuser, that is), while when out and about you can wear an essential oil diffuser necklace. This work by placing an oil soaked paper inside of the locket, where the scent is slowly emitted through out the day.

  1. Rose oil – it makes no difference if the flower was red, white or yellow, rose oil is one of the best known scents when it comes to reducing stress.
  2. Frankincense – This blend is not only aromatic, it inspires relaxation and can even help you to fall asleep easier.
  3. Lavender – Lavender is considered to be soothing, allowing your mind to calm down and regain focus. This works well at home too since the subtle scent will not be overpowering.
  4. Marjoram – If you are stressed from grief or emotional distress, this strong smelling spice will allow you to pass through it with a calmer mind.
  5. Chamomile – Not only does the smell of chamomileDoX_Colored-Roses help to relieve anxiety causing stress, it has many medicinal properties that help improve your overall health.
  6. Geranium – like the flower, the smell of geranium inspires cheer and good will, allowing you to move past stressors in your life.
  7. Ylang Ylang – It is believed that the strong scent of ylang ylang will actually help you disperse thoughts of anger and even frustration. This is a good one to have on hand when you know you are going to be dealing with a difficult situation.

The beauty of essential oils is that they are all natural products, derived from plants. This makes them safe to use in almost every circumstance, without fear of doing harm to yourself or the planet. Instead of running to the shrink to refill your anti-anxiety prescription, why not first try some regular exercise and one of these essential oils to clear your head and eliminate stress.

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Camping – The Best Organic Vacation You can Offer Your Family

Setting out for the wilderness and becoming one with nature is one of the most exhilarating ways to enjoy the bounties of mother nature. Camping is a fantastic way to enjoy this experience, and if done right, can be completely organic. Here are our tips for making your organic camping trip both fun and healthy for all.

Leave No Trace

The most important element to organic camping is that you leave the area in the exact same way as you found it. This is not as easy as it may sound, especially if you are a large family and spend more then just a day or two at the site. Start by looking for a planed area where you don’t need to disturb the earth to pitch your family tent. Erosion is a large contributor to uprooted ecosystems, and even just moving small amounts of dirt can be harmful.

When you do pitch your family tent, pound the stakes into the ground to as small of a depth as possible. This will help to keep the ground from being disturbed too much. Some people will even use ties for their family tent in lieu of stakes for even more preservation of the earth.

Taking Care of Your Camping Waste

You are going to create a bit of waste while camping, and that all needs to go home with you. We recommend bringing along a reusable trash can with lids and biodegradable bags, plus you should consider some compost bags for everything you’ll be cooking on your butane or propane stove. This makes it easier to transport your trash to the proper recycling area before heading home. To cut down, bring along washable plates, cups and utensils, rather than using paper or plastic. If you do need to bring disposable, make it paper as these are biodegradable and will have a lesser impact on our environment than the plastic or even foam that you find in supermarkets.

Watch Your Activities

If you are going fishing, make it for sport and throw your catch back in the lake or river. Make sure not to throw any trash into the water, not even a cigarette butt. If you decide to go swimming, you are going to appreciate having clean waters to do it in.


For backpacking enthusiasts, treat the paths and trails the same way you treat your campsite. Any wrappers or bottles should be put back into the backpackers backpack for disposal later on. The beautiful animals that live in the forests should not have to live with your trash.

Camping can be 100% sustainable and organic if you can manage to bring your lifestyle to the campsite. If you follow these tips, your vacations are not likely to leave a large footprint on the planet.

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What is all this Talk About Konjac Sponges

The Konjac sponge may not look like much, but it has properties that cleanse your face better than many other similar products on the market. At first glance it resembles something you would use in the kitchen, but the reality is, it is a very simple tool that works at making the skin on your face look fantastic and feel super clean.

What is the Konjac Sponge Made From?

Made from a porous root vegetable, konjac sponges first gained popularity with women in Japan, before taking the western world by storm. Now they have become a must-have for everyone who is aiming for perfect skin.

How Does the Konjac Sponge Work?

Because of their squishy texture, konjac sponges are really gentle on the skin. Much gentler than scrubs, yet still extremely effective at exfoliating. This allows you to use them daily without worry of red and irritated skin. Even people with extremely sensitive skin are able to use the konjac sponge without difficulty. You will experience the same radiance on your face that you get after an exfoliation, and every single day instead of one or two times a week. Your skin will be smoother and glow just like it does after a facial.


Is the Konjac Sponge Good For Acne Prone Skin?

The exfoliating properties will help to keep acne at bay, although the konjac sponge does not contain any elements or medications inside. It is its ability to deep clean naturally that opens the pores and help remove any bacteria that will lead to acne.

This type of facial sponge also works great as a make-up remover, even with just plain soap and water. This eliminates the need for those expensive removal products that leave your face feeling oily afterwards.

Where Do You Find the Best Konjac Sponges?

So where do you find the best konjac sponge? First you should check konjac sponge reviews. These give you a real glimpse of what real people think about this newest revolution in skin care products. Look at both the positive and negative reviews for the konjac sponge before deciding on the right one for you.

When looking into the konjac sponge you want to ensure that it is all natural – learn more about why beauty products should be natural at www.beautifullyunrefined.com. What makes the sponge so incredible is that it draws its elements from the roots of the konjac plant, which is naturally rich and full of moisture. It is also alkaline, which helps to balance the acidity of your skin and its impurities and oils.

This is an eco-friendly way to keep your skin looking and feeling fantastic, without having the hassle of peels, wraps or even exfoliants. Try one and you are going to see a tremendous difference in your complexion after only  a few uses.

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The Body Shop Tea Tree Line

Top Three Favorite Tea Tree Line Products (Review)

The Tea Tree line of products has come to provide solutions for acne- and blemish-prone skins. The range of this line came as an alternative to fight bad and harsh ingredients, thus becoming all-natural and organic. With the help of Tamanu oil extract, this line is aimed towards achieving a clearer skin within a span of one week. Here are our three picks in the Tea Tree Line of natural products:

Tea Tree Cool and Creamy Wash

Tired of having an acne-filled skin and you are downright disappointed with many products who does not live up to its claims? The Body Shop brings you a new product that helps get rid of blemishes, acne and even minimize the oil in your skin. This newly-introduced Cool and Creamy wash is perfect for skin blemishes as it cleanses without over drying. It has a refreshing feel when applied to the face mostly because of the menthol. However, it does not dry, unlike most mentholated beauty products. Skin appears and feels to be cleaner and cool right after wash. Its creamy texture lets you glide the product softly across your face. This one is definitely appealing for sensitive skins, as this does not have a burning sensation right after use, and your skin will not flake.

Tea Tree Skin Clearing Foaming Cleanser

Before going to bed at night, it is important to completely erase any trace of make-up in your skin to prevent forming new pimples and having clogged pores. This liquid-to-foam cleanser has tea tree oil that helps eliminate extra make-up, dirt, and excess oil that clogs the pores. It has an anti-bacterial property that fights off new blemishes from forming, as well as clearing up the remaining blemishes. Like the Creamy Wash, the Clearing Foaming Cleanser also has menthol that keeps your skin fresh all day and surprisingly does not cause any irritation. The Tamanu oil also aids in soothing any redness in your skin. This can be easily bought at an affordable price, as well as effective and definitely worth the price.

Tea Tree Skin Clearing Toner

Right after cleansing your skin, toning your face is a must! You do not know how much is left in your face, so following a next option to completely erase away all the traces helps you feel fresher and cleaner. This Skin Clearing Toner effectively does that to the impurities accumulating in your skin, but afterwards it leaves the skin mattified. This is especially ideal when your face shines at the end of the day. You may see improvements with your pores as well, as it somehow shrinks these little nasty things. Your blackheads will most likely be gone with continuous use as well. After application, this leaves a smoother and tighter complexion.

Overall, we specifically find this line in The Body Shop to be effective and quite affordable for those who are hunting for high-quality products. Tell us what you think and how these products work for you!

PS. Check out our Josie Maran Argan Oil Review!




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Josie Maran Argan Oil Review

Josie Maran 100% Natural Argan Oil Review

Argan oil has been found to have a lot of benefits for its users. The fatty acid, as well as the antioxidants, found in Argan oil, can actually moisturize and treat sensitive skin by nourishing it, or even revitalize dull and rough hair. Many beauty products manufacturers have made this oil from Morocco an essential ingredient in their cosmetics and skin care regimes. Since then, whenever people have the insight or an Argan-based formula, they basically haul the products and test it to see the results themselves. That is why the Josie Maran Argan Oil has become a prominent product in the market.

The Josie Maran Argan Oil is known to be 100% organic and also rich with vitamin E and other essential fatty acids, made and manufactured straight from Morocco. This brand was founded by Josie Maran herself, a former Maybelline spokeswoman who was also a supermodel. Her skin care line was mostly centered on the benefits of Argan oil helps eliminate wrinkles and heal severe acne. It guarantees a younger and healthier-looking skin in exchange of a very expensive price per bottle.

A lot of beauty critics have actually pondered whether you can really reap the benefits of this oil. It seems that with the growing popularity of this miraculous oil, many people actually seek for it as a key ingredient in most beauty products.

There comes a research that resulted towards this information about how many benefits you can actually acquire from an Argan oil. It seems that regardless of its prominent status in the beauty industry, where many would claim having instant or remarkable changes in their skin condition due to this oil. This may, however, prove to have only a limited range of benefits far more exaggerated than we had initially thought. Nonetheless, Argan oil still works wonders with dry hair and nails, but it is no better than other essential oils we had come to know.

With that much said, we could say that having one pure ingredient in a product does not transform your skin immediately. We have a complex set of organs, and the skin is just one of them. So, is it really worth the price? Or do you think you should give Josie Maran Argan Oil a chance and see if the promises and results claimed to be achieved by this product are true? Does this really live up to the hype? You may have been better off with an organic drugstore brand, which you can buy at a much cheaper price.


Tinted moisturizer offers a lot of help for people with dry skin.

The sunscreen protection works really great and covers for a long time.

Moisturizer comes with an excellent sunscreen.

Pressed powder looks natural on the face.

Unique gel brush that you can easily swipe.



Very expensive – you might want to think twice about purchasing it.

You may also check out our review of The Body Shop’s organic products, and see if they also live up to our expectations.




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